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Washed Raw Cane Sugar

Washed Raw Cane Sugar, also referred to as Turbinado and/or Demera, is a golden-colored sugar with large sparkling crystals and a rich aroma. Because this sugar undergoes very little processing, it is considered a healthier alternative to white sugar. This sweetener is produced from the first crystallization of juice pressed from freshly-cut sugar cane stalk. Cane juice provides a mild cane flavor and is a pale golden color.


  • First crystallization of sugar, made at the mill from pressed cane juice
  • Rich golden color and coarse crystals
  • Consistently sweet flavor, color and aroma
  • Clean labeling
  • Minimally processed
  • Dense texture that retains moisture
  • Ample supply and quick order fill
  • None of the eight FDA listed major food allergens are stored, processed or used on site at Imperial Sugar facilities. For more information regarding allergens please visit our certifications page


Washed Raw Cane Sugar may be substituted for any application in which granulated or brown sugar is normally used. This minimally processed product is also a natural choice for a variety of applications including:

  • Cereal
  • Baking
  • Confections
  • Savory items


Imperial Sugar Company’s Washed Raw Cane Sugar is produced in Colombia, South America. Our product is packed in 50 pound bags.

Storage and Handling

It is recommended that Washed Raw Cane Sugar is stored in an odor-free environment at 50 - 90 degree F and less than 50% relative humidity. Recommend usage within 24 months of manufacturing date.

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